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Nairobi Hackathon: A 24-Hour Cyber Odyssey

The climax of our October cybersecurity celebration was the Nairobi Hackathon, a 24-hour marathon of skill, innovation, and cyber prowess. Our hackers from across Kenya showcased their talents in a series of challenges that tested their knowledge in quizzes, network configuration, penetration testing, mobile penetration testing, and coding a Cyber Incident Response Portal mobile app.

Students Ready to compete in a hackathon

The Grand Finale: Awards Ceremony

Following the intense hackathon, we gathered for a grand awards ceremony at the Cyber Security Conference to recognize the exceptional talents of our hackers.

Congratulations to the winners r00t who were awarded trophies and certificates.

Leadership Insights at the Cyber Security Conference

A highlight of the Cyber Security Conference was the inspiring speech by our Chairman, Keniz Agira, alongside other distinguished speakers. Their insights and guidance provided valuable perspectives on the current state of cybersecurity and the road ahead.

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