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Corporate Membership

Apply and get your company access to be a corporate member at KCSFA

Welcome to KCSFA Corporate Membership Center

Kenya CyberSecurity is approved by the Communications Authority of Kenya. We have been in existence since May 2016.

Our key mandate is as outlined below:
1. Advocacy on matters related to CyberSecurity and Forensics within the government.
2. Participate in the national and regional discourse for the common good.
3. Provide a networking platform for the corporate and allow them to market themselves.
4. Training and capacity building on matters related to CyberSecurity and Forensics within and without Kenya

Who qualifies to join our corporate membership:
1. If you are an ICT company based in East Africa.
2. If you are a CyberSecurity company based in East Africa.
3. If you are a digital forensics company based in East Africa.
4. If you are a data protection company based in East Africa

What are the benefits to join as a corporate member:
1. Networking opportunities during our events.
2. Subsidized costs for our training and events on user awareness training per quarter for the first year.
3. Access to our advisory on the current threat landscape .
4. Support during and after data breaches.
5. Access to a pool of experts who can be valuable to your company in CyberSecurity / Forensics related matters

How much is the cost:
1. We currently have 4 categories of corporate membership.
• 1-5 employees pay KES 20,000.
• 6-10 employees pay KES 40,000.
• 11-50 employees pay KES 100,000.
• 51+ employees pay KES 20,000.