Benefits of Membership

KCSFA invites all individuals with an interest in cybersecurity and digital forensics to become members of the association.

Our members range from company directors and managers to lawyers, risk professionals, software architects, and technical security specialists. They come from industries from education to finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and utilities.

KCSFA's focus groups, conferences, presentations, and networking events, cater to a large range of specializations.

The diverse nature of our membership enables a variety of perspectives and subjects for discussion at each our meetings. Most importantly, our membership helps to independently promote awareness and understanding of cyber security issues in the community.

Membership benefits

  •     Member Meet-Ups - a unique opportunity to discuss a wide range of subjects and perspectives, thanks to KCSFA's diverse membership
  •     Discounts on the annual ForensiKon - A premier event which brings together digital forensics and security together for hands on presentation
  •     Free access to branch one-day events
  •     Free access to your local monthly branch meeting to share knowledge and network with peers
  •     Access to KCSFA event presentations and resources
  •     Email alerts of job vacancies in the industry straight to you inbox
  •     Discounts on information industry events, training, products and services
  •     Free access to focus groups on specific areas of information and cyber security