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Code of Ethics

Kenya Cyber Security and Forensics Association

Code Of Ethics

KCSFA requires that its members abide by this Code of Ethics ('Code'). Adherence to this code will help to produce a highly valued, respected and mature IT forensics profession. All members of KCSFA must act in accordance with the Standards of Conduct set out in this Code. This Code sets down minimum standards of conduct and professional values and is not intended to cover all possible situations in terms of specific behavior. A member using this Code to resolve ambiguous or contentious issues is expected to take into account the spirit of the Code.All KCSFA members must agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics:


I will be honest in my representation, particularly of my knowledge, products, services, skills and capabilities.

Legal Compliance

I will comply with all relevant laws.

Competence and Diligence

I will conduct myself with competence and diligence in all my professional activities.


I will maintain the confidential nature of all sensitive and proprietary documentation and information that I encounter.

Professional Development

I will meet the continuing education standards my own professional role requires, and assist those around me to improve their knowledge and abilities.


I will pride myself on my ability to act with integrity and with the highest ethical standards possible.