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We acknowledge that cyber crime continues to pose serious economic challenges to our country and that cyber security is now an essential component in our country’s security its necessary to bring together professionals in the industry for a common goal of knowledge sharing

Our vision is to become the preferred CyberSecurity association in Kenya

How do we engage our members

Our main focus is in building technical capacity for our members. This will empower them

We organize physical and virtual meetings for our members. This enables them to network and grow

KCSFA is a family of professionals. We nurture this through team building and members fellowship

Every year we organize international travel for our members. This enable them to be exposed globally

Facts About Kenya CyberSecurity & Forensics Association (KCSFA)

KCSFA is legally registered as per (Societies Act CAP 108). We received our certificate on May 2016. We have been on-boarding members ever since. We have engaged in public awareness and contributed immensely at the national level on matters related to CyberSecurity


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